Wednesday, December 26, 2007

See this? Why is it so expensive? i think I want to make some cutey little calico birds for decorations/toys and I might use these for inspiration. Cute, right? Rediculous what some people will pay for things.


Trish said...

Holy Moley!! I was shocked at the price!

Those are adorable - I suppose vintage fabric can get expensive if it's in great condition. I'll bet resale shops would have dresses made out of fabrics that could be made into these birds! (cheaper maybe than buying vintage print fabric at the store - although the quilting calico stuff is usually fairly cheap anyway).

I once took apart a bunch of hand-me-downs that we received and made clothes for toddler-Julia. Ruthie is still wearing some of those things made from men's shirts!

I even reused zippers and any other reusable parts I could salvage! It was fun :-)

Sgt Howie said...

Wait... $150 for a pillow your baby can chew and drool on? Are they on crack??!?!!

grrltrouble said...

Ok, I loooove euro simplistic modern design but really there is no excuse for prices like that. I guess rich people like to pretend they are in some post-mod prairie log home? And that they are all down with the hand-made revolution and have time to knit and stuff even though they never really would. ?????

grrltrouble said...

and of course, looking at the post above, I see you agree with me and the richies that that is an amazing fantasy :)