Saturday, January 10, 2009

Small space chic

I am currently checking this cool site out. I have always had fun ideas about using bright color, but we are not good at furniture arranging and end up with the stuff all around the perimeter of the room. I go to IKEA and marvel at how much style they pack itno tohose teensy little "show-rooms" but I forget how to do it once I get home.

I use IKEA's website to look at ideas for home decor and arrangement. If you let the website show you its features, they have dozens of bedrooms and kirchens and dining rooms and living rooms to scroll through, from plain and dark to bright and childlike.

Any small space design tips to share?


Kelley said...

I don't know if it's a tip, but we discovered something when we rearranged our living room to make room for our Christmas tree. We have a large sectional couch that we had set into a corner, trying to leave as much space in the center of the room as possible. At Christmas we moved it away from one wall, and made one wing of the couch become the "wall" between the living room and dining room. Surprisingly, it opened up both rooms, and made a definite definition between them. We liked it so much that we left it after Christmas. It was even roomier after we took out the tree. :)

Also, when we put up the boys' bunkbeds, we put up both beds on Matt and Ben's bunk, but only the top bunk on Josh's bed while not putting in the bottom. That way we have only used the floor space needed for one bed, but we've got three in there. It has been wonderful.

No other tips, and I guess these are pretty furniture-specific. They worked for us, though.

I wish we could think of something to do with our office, but at the moment it's something of a lost cause.

Kneelingwoman said...

I love IKEA! Another "yes" from me!

Kneelingwoman said...

Oh...I don't have any "small house" design tips to share, exactly, but then, you've seen all mine! We have a great many books and lots of shelves but not enough storage space of other kinds, virtually no closets. We put the coat closet in the living room ourselves some years ago and that makes exactly 4-that one and one in each bedroom. Not much "design" to get too houseproud about there. We do like our house, though, it suits us.