Thursday, February 8, 2007


I do love this blog, and imagined I would write more in it than I have. Things have been very home-bound and yet I get it in my head that my blogs have to be positive essays and glorious tales of positive events and ummm this has not been what is happening in my life right now so I dont write because I dont have a precious recipe or darling craft to talk about.

We eat crappy noodles every minute. Our water tastes funny and I want a Pur or a Brita or a WaterMan or something soon.

I have no secrets to reveal, honestly, about homemaking whatsoever except that we may need to go to the laundromat ASAP just to catch up!

Oh, I do have one recipe:

Put some cream cheese and some caramel on a plate.Do not stir.

Warm it up a little.

Stick granny smith apples into this.


Courtesy of Karen's mom

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