Wednesday, February 14, 2007

bunny nursery

Casey and Charlie now have a Bunny/Squirrel themed nursery. It is so cute!

Caseys bed has a bunny quilt, bunny pillowcase and bunny sheets. He has a bunny/lamb mobile hanging hi above his bed on the ceiling (he cant reach it) and I cut out a big Squirrel Nutkin and Peter Rabbit from an old book we had and put them in little frames on his wall.

Charlies crib has squirrel sheets (Martha Stewart kmart from baby Greta!!), sage green blanket, orange blanket, same bunny/lamb mobile as Casey.

I moved our loveseat out of the living room into the nursery and put our sage green couch cover on it.

I found lots of rabbit, squirrel and lamb stuffed animals digging through Greta's HUGE stuffed animal collection and set them all up on top of the curtain rod.

I gave them my 1970s pastel bunny lamp.

Its really cute in there now!

We all have cute bedrooms now! Its a miracle.

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