Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This is not a magazine

Please know that some of the biggest mistakes in my life have come from being fake and acting fake to impress people who cannot be impressed, who should not be impressed, who would not like the real me anyhow, who are incapable of liking themselves, of loving life, of seeing truth or beauty in anything... I will never get those hours back or all that energy spent but there is always the Now.

I love art and beauty and color and form--light and shadow and hue and tone...I love taking 27 pictures of myself and then posting the one where my nose looks straight...but there is a very bad thing that can happen when we all worship artifice, live in miserable insecurity and useless competition, self conciousness and shame...we are divided against one another, our humanity altered and our senses and our psyches can suffer greatly.

This is not mySpace, and I am not about trying to edit crop cut paste or feed any more fuel to the Mommy Wars. I dedicate this entry to reality--more beautiful than anything else. The truth will set us all free, even in photography! (I hope!)

I have another blog for the super fun and the super cute and the stylishly E-D-I-T-E-D versions of things. But this home life is perfectly imperfect just the way it is! Finally I can say that and mean it.

Drop me a line and tell me your opinion...


Barbnocity said...

Hi, Housefairy!

I love it!!! Reality is great :) I love the pics, and the pics of the messes...if I had a digital cam, I would show you what my reality is today and it ain't pretty!!!!

Anyhoo!!! Love your post...I keep meaning to write a long comment to another post from another of your blogs, but I am falling behind with work if I am missing in action for a few weeks, I am not ignoring, I am just trying to do work stuff...sigh...

Joy said...

Thank you. I really am enjoying this whole thing, and coments only fuel my madness : )