Monday, April 9, 2007

rooming in

Our daughter and son share a bedroom. Have for years. even in the old house which had five (miniscule) bedrooms, they shared a room. Like Mary Poppins, Nanny McPhee, Peter Pan, and all of history, mixed genders in the nursery is nothing new, or wierd, or aghast. They have a bunkbed that can be used as two twin beds. The bedroom is so huge I could have all four of the kids in there, dressers and all, so the options are endless for arranging things.

Recently Greta said she wanted her own room, and we wondered if "it was time"...if she wanted privacy (we almost exclusively change clothes at bathtime, so the nudity thing is not an issue) or to go crazy with pink lace decor.....we told her we would talk about how it would work out for the rest of us, and she said no hurry. I worried so much about Mickey being crushed---after all, two crying babies are hardly the roommate of cool Greta and her late night tales of Harry, Hermione, and Hogwarts...shadow puppets, whispers of "whadda you want for your birthday?"....I dreaded telling him some corny tale about "girls want to be alone"...and the whole thing kind of didn't feel genuine. I didnt get any vibe that she wanted away from Mickey...

Today I felt the opportunity to discuss with Greta what exactly she wanted to do or get out of her girl room, and she looked rather surprised that I was automatically thinking of it as a Girl Room Thing. she said "I just want to hang up Harry Potter stuff and have a writing desk. I want to read late at night and not have to worry about keeping up Holl. Over my friend N's house, she had a harry potter room and I loved it. thats all."

For now, it isnt about girl room. We bought a clip on lamp for her bed for late night reading, and we found some Harry Potter curtains on Ebay for $2.50. We are goingto put her bed waaaay far away from his and have them decorate their regions a little more seperate. I know he wanted to do hot wheels and she wanted to do Harry Potter, and so somehow they compromised on homemade spongebob drawings, which was very diplomatic. I am looking forward to the new set up.

Someday soon, maybe within the year, Casey will be less of a crying baby and more of a car-buddy. Greta will want actual privacy, and Charlie...well maybe we will move by then or do a giant 3 boy room or who knows what. But for now, all she wanted was clearance to go solo on the decorations. Bless her heart. And phew to me and Steve and still getting a little bit of sleep at night. I cannot imagine Casey and Mickey together "sleeping" at this stage...jumping, screaming, beating....

maybe someday we will need 4 bunks---looks so cute in the pictures!

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Amanda said...

I like the idea of the boys in that "Nanny McPhee" style bedroom! Okay, maybe that is the idealist in me. It just seems fun. Granted, at their respective ages, it would be a recipe for disaster at the moment.(without singling a precious someone out)