Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Itsy Bitsy Time!

Ok, I gently try and shake this blog-curse and submit some good news, cautiously:

There was a TV show called It's Itsy Bitsy Time on television when Greta was a wee little thing. I could not even tell you what obscure network it was on, maybe discovery kids or some Canadian station. It was a collection of weird canadian-esque, European-ish little cartoons, claymations, puppetry and such. When I say "shorts", some of them were verrry short, like a minute or so. We were hooked!

I have such, such fond memories of living in our little flat, being pregnant with Mickey, and just watching hours and hours and hours of tv without one inkling or iota of "shame" or guilt whatsoever (I didnt know about all that crap yet, I really just hung out with my kid and we enjoyed life together, no shoulda-supposed ta nothing! such bliss!) we ate food and blared the air conditioner and had quilts and blankies and we loved it! It's Itsy bitsy time was just one of those ones where the songs were really really catchy and oftentimes way better than the little weird shows. Greta was 2, and she would get all excited for the songs, and then kind of phase out during the shows...but I was hooked and I think she saw how much I was jamming out to the show that she liked it even more. Did I mention quilts and non stop eating? God it was awesome.

Well somehow it was just poof-off air. I looked it up online and there was nothing to be found. I thought I was crazy! If it wasn't for Steve and Greta remembering it, I would have pretty much believed it all to be a pregnant delusion. but tonight, I found a crazy website that knows ALL SHOWS and it told me this about its itsy bitsy time. Its coming to FOX? I cant believe it! SO cool and so weird...I worry that it will be all different. I don't want new ones.

The other magical and weird and long gone shows we watched back in the day, me and little baby Greta, were Pappyland, Sharon Lois and Bram's Elephant show, and Busytown, a show my the famed illustrator Richard Scarry.

I am cruising around Amazon right now to see who has this crap on video--vhs--whatever. Casey Mickey and Charlie must not be without the weird and wonderful world of canadian/british broadcasting!


CreepyUCMama said...

Awesome...hey, maybe you remember this show: I think it was about a gnome named David. There were cartoon ogres that ate gnomes and DAvid was the gnome leader and he helped other gnomes and forest critters by riding around on a red fox named Swift. The song was something like, "In every dream and wish and happy'll find something something something...The Gnomes!" What was that show? I remember thinking it was awesome.

Housefairy said...

Aw man...I don't know it!?

CreepyUCMama said...

No one does, I'm starting to think I did too many drugs as a kid or something. =/

Derek said...

It was called "David the Gnome".

Here is a link to the opening theme song. Enjoy the nostalgia. :-)