Thursday, May 31, 2007


Tonight the kids and I made mini boboli pizzas again.

Mickey: Pesto sauce and mozzerella
Greta: No sauce, Mozzerella, greeen olives, pineapple, tomatoes, canned mushrooms
Casey: Pesto sauce, mozzerella, olives, tomatoes and pineapples, with goldfish crackers (!)
Me/Charlie: Pesto, olive, pineapple, mushroom

I used to walk by the Boboli crusts in the grocery store and see the price and have this little flash of thought in my head of "Thats as much as pizza from a place! Screw that!"

But thats not the point at all. The kids LOVE to make their own, LOVE. It takes up a large amount of time, and on Daddy-work-late-night, thats a gooooood thing. They take only six minutes to cook, and they are really, extraordinarily good.

I want to try more sophisticated toppings soon like goat cheese, roasted pear slices, carmelized onions, spinach....actually those four are the exact pizza I want :)

We had water to drink. We made one up for Steve and put it in a big ziploc in the fridge so he can cook it when he gets home. Now we go do some elaborate "FunBath" and boom its bedtime!

No more Thursday night Survivor, so I guess we will clean and maybe listen to some jams. Steve did not ride his bike today, as it is 91 degrees and I did not want the car.


Trish said...

Oooo - pizza is a common dinner here when we're pressed for time! Only, I don't get the Boboli crusts because I'm way too cheap!! I get the Kroger brand pizza crusts. They're $2.50 for 2 of them!

They aren't seasoned (are the Boboli ones seasoned?), but once you smother them with toppings and cheese - yummy.

funpaul said...

Sgt makes most of the pizza in our house. We use Boboli, but we have also had good results with the tubes of frozen pizza dough (Pillsbury, I believe). They have to be rolled out on a cookie sheet, though, and you'd have to cut them in sections for the individual pizza effect. I have a notion to try making my own pizza dough but it is like many notions in my life: merely notional.