Thursday, September 27, 2007

Big Wheel bliss

There are few things in the world of childhood more awesome and right-on as a low rider, Big Wheel bike. Trike. Three wheels is a trike. Whatever. You know exactly what I am talking about...that rumbling sound, the determined way that a kid has to wriggle their whole body to really make it fly---priceless, such a snippet in time, such a CLASSIC. Any other words escape me. Gertie from E.T.? That kid from The Shining? Everyone you knew in the '70's and '80's?

I don't like these tiny versions of big kid bicycles that the stores are promoting nowadays. I think they are inferior, unstable, dangerous, even. It's a very new invention, these itty-bitty bikes with the little training wheels--and ya know what? I am going to go so far as to say SCREW 'EM! I hate them. It is a big ploy to sell you more and more itty bitty __itty little bikes, and helmets and pads, too--'cuz you know what? A Big Wheel, a genuine Big Wheel, can last your kid from age 3 to 8 or even longer. In this disposable age, wheres the "value" in something that actually lasts more than 2 minutes? Those tiny tiny bikes with the 10 inch wheel diameters suck. They tip over, and if your child is that tiny, to ride a ten inch bicycle, then they are pretty young and tippy themselves. Why add more misery?

Kids on Big Wheels can FLY. They can SOAR. They are steady and sturdy and stable and strong and powerful and mighty and awesome--exactly what the big corp's do NOT want for our kids--its a conspiracy, I swear it. I swear it. I swear it.

Children! Parents! Friends! Stand up for big wheel tricycles! Get them for our girls especially. They will have enough low quality tipping and teetering thrown their way as they grow up. Let 'em soar.


Trish said...

This is so bizarre!
Sheldon and I were just saying that we need to get the kids Big Wheels. Tommy had one and trashed it pretty quickly - he's a rough one! But we got Ruthie a cute pink trike. It's sturdy, but s-l-o-w. I remember flying around on a Big Wheel.

And when you want to take it easy you can flip it over and use your arms to make the tire go around super fast -- and you know, we used to stick Smarties candies in the little holes all around that big front wheel.

Ahhh-- such fond Big Wheel memories! I'm sure now that we HAVE to get Tommy and Ruthie some for Hanukkah this year!! So strange that you should be thinking about this too :-)

Kelley said...

Where can you get these things nowadays? I hadn't thought about them for years, but you are right.

In some ways, actually in a lot of ways, I think we had it better as kids than our kids do because we didn't live in a totally disposable world. I'd love to go on, but I just woke up from a nap, and my brain isn't functioning properly yet. :)

Housefairy said...

I am so glad to inspire more love of Big Wheels.

You can get them stil, for sure. Meijers, Toys R Us, maybe KMart or Target. Online there is everything, right? Ebay...

We even went so far as to get Mickey a really really nice metal one for his 5th birthday. He had a little brother and another one in my tummy, so we knew it would get plenty of use, even though it was expensive ($95)

Discount School Supply sells metal ones. But I say the plastic ones are awesome. Fisher Price makes one tht Greta AND Mickey had when they were 6 and 3 years old. I would put Casey in the stroller and they wpuld just BARREL down the sidewalk, with me following--forced me to speed-walk, thats for sure!