Monday, September 24, 2007

It's baaaaaack...

Well, for a while now we have had no satellite TV service. We have existed perfectly well with just the shows that come from the air. PBS, CBS, and occasionally a few others "come in clear". It was summer, and I wanted to be ____ somehow lofty or good or thrifty or highbrow or low tech or what have you and not watch TV very much. We were gonna do other stuff, and all that, remember?

Well, when Steve told me that for TWENTY DOLLARS LESS than we currently pay for Internet and Phone, we could have Internet, phone, and cable TV as well, I was curious and irritated and excited and mixed. but the others "won", and the cable is here!

Look, if you don't want your kids to watch TV, turn it off. But if and when you are gonna watch TV, I'm not gonna be fake and say it isn't awesome to have Animal Planet and Nick Games and Sports and Noggin and Discovery Health, History Channel, Discovery Kids, Nickelodeon, National Geographic channel and Sprout rather than static-y Sesame Street and Price Is Right.

We get to watch sports again now and I don't even dare think about Comedy Central and all that stuff---tonight I will check out all the channels we have, it seems like alot of really good ones! YAYAYAY !!!!!!

My Internet seems faster and they switch the phone in a week or so.

I am really glad. My little sick kids are completely festing out with the new shows, and they are laying still and drinking ice water. So I blog and fold clothes and switch laundry loads, and all is calm.


Trish said...

As much as I love the idea of not having satellite or cable I know that we learn so much from the programs! You have a cooler package than we have - we don't even get Animal Planet! Maybe over the winter I'll spring for the better package.

Congrats on the new working situation!! After work you can sit back and enjoy some Comedy Central, etc :-)

Housefairy said...

Well, believe me, I was techinically against it. It was only through Steve showing me that we pay this much for 2 services with fuzzy boring shows, when we could pay this much LESS for awesome cable that I was like..."fine".

It actually helps me and my day much much more than him. But he was so cute this morning at 6:30 am with his little ESPN and his little cereal bowl that I wanted to kiss him 600 times. But he was all shiney and showery and I was gross and stale and so I just had a secret smile and started up my coffee...