Thursday, January 17, 2008

Super Steve

My dear husband is a much under appreciated superstar at his job. This is the job where I call him screaming about "Where is the ketchup?!?!" and "How do you get Mario to the shine sprite level?!?!", and such. Well, through all of our unappreciation, not ironing his outfits, not making him breakfast, griping about his hours, grumbling about him smelling like "oil" when he gets home (arent we a horrible bunch?) he sold ONE MILLION dollars in auto parts in 2007. (He works for Volvo)

He got a presidents' club award and an invitation to a very VERY ritzy dinner gala event in which he was honored along with a roomfull of other super stars from around our state. He of course, got to bring a guest and it was me, old meanie! He had to wear a suit and tie and looked hotter than I have ever seen him. My paperdoll-baby, I was so proud to even sit by him, man is he adorable dressed up like that. It was kind of outrageous. I scraped together some hideous black sweater and long skirt thing but it wasnt my night and there was nothing else to do. Some women were in actual honest to goodness formal wear/prom dresses and some had on pants and some blouse thing. so I was fine, even though I felt pretty gross and under dressed.

This was not some weird banquet hall with mostaccioli over burners, this was a 5 course fancy meal and we had a blast. We got to carpool with an extremely silly and outrageous (anyone watch Jackass on MTV? too fun) guy from his work who is about 24 and his really funny and cool wife, and they had us cracking up and feeling young and childless all the way there. We sat with them and had the "fun table", it was alot like our wedding-- I was actually thinking that mashed-potato sculptures or worse would end up happening once the alcohol got flowing, but mostly funny stories about work and life were flying fast and I laughed all night long.

The EXTREMELY rich and powerful owner of the entire "collection" of dealerships (over 100 in Michigan) was there, and he ended up coming to our table more than once (like I said, we were the fun table) and he talked to me about my hair!!!!!! I handled it super well, it was all fun and good, and he very good naturedly pretended that maybe he would "go green" LOL. He was super nice, the whole thing was just so fun. We even had desserts and ice creams and joked that we needed valets to roll us out the door we were so insanely stuffed.

THEN the honorees all got a paper that had about ten choices of really nice gifts they could decide upon; leather briefcases, wooden poker sets, fishing rods, crystal trophies, and a funky McHammer jacket that the silly guys were joking about getting matching ones.....then the "dates" (me) all got LITTLE BLUE BOXES FROM TIFFANYS I do not kid about this kind of stuff.

It was a silver bracelet, very cool and normal looking. I couldnt believe I actually got something from Tiffanys! First of all, if Steve ever got me something from there I would want to take it back and have the money for other stuff! Secondly, I like to think I dont care about brand names---but it was still so cool, right??

We never did get pictures of our dear hotty Steve as he took that suit off the second we got home, greeting our amazing friend Trish, and the kids, in the hustle and bustle of all that, I never took a picture of him...Thank you dear dear Trish who babysat so cheerfully and for so late on a weeknight...

But here is my blue box and my bracelet. I am so proud of Stevie and am going to be alot more supportive and alot less selfish and ridiculous to him from now on.


Amanda said...

LOVE THE BRACELET! I don't care who you are, if you aren't at least momentarily thrilled by that tealy-blue color you are a complete zomblie. So fabulous!

Amanda said...

and yes, I accidentally wrote ZOMBLIE

Rixa said...

Oooohhhhh, Tiffanys! That sounds like an amazing night out. Isn't it fun to play "grown up"? Of course, we don't get to do that much in the rural midwest. I loved your line about the banquet hall/pasta over burners thing! So true!

Trish said...

I'm kicking myself for not DEMANDING your camera before you left. The two of you looked so darling!

Someday you could look back at that picture and laugh at how weird you felt all dressed up like grown-ups :-) Too cute.

I'm glad it was such a fun time -green hair and all!

Kelley said...

Gorgeous! WOW! Such a fun night. And the bracelet is gorgeous. Of course, this is coming from a jewelry fanatic, but that is still one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like so much fun and you are SO stinkin' cute!!!
xoxo said...

Aw...congrats to dh, but WOW on the Tiffany's for you! A well deserved treat that you'd never get yourself :) Enjoy it!

Barbnocity said...

Wow--Kudos to Steve and to you!! He sold 1 Million parts last year? So cool! You totally deserve the bracelet--how cool is that!!

:) Barb