Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chemically induced bliss

LOL great title, right?

Well, lemme tell you about something I am quite excited to do today, lil' miss housewifey that I am full time again ;)

I saw a commercial for Mr. Clean with Febreeze scent and I immediately sent Daddy and the kids out to get some! now, lest any greenies try to tell me how bad that stuff is, I am going to interrupt you; this hippie mama has been using White Vinegar and Dr Bronners to clean her entire world for over 10 years....floors, diapers, bathroom, glass....but ya know what? I want to smell something other than old salad today! And that is why I am going to do all the dishes, pick up all the toys, and make up a big hot bucket of Mr. Clean with Febreeze scent. I am opening all the windows and this place is going to be Y-U-M-M-Y! I am doing floors, walls, and all surfaces and hopefully some little kidlets will want to join me in the scrub and sniff fun.

With 2 rabbits, a cat, a diaper pail, 6 people's garbage, and a house whose windows have been shut for SIX months, this is going to be a big, big improvement! Hooray!


Kelley said...

Let us know how it goes. I go back and forth between natural cleaning supplies and the hard-core stuff. I guess it depends how much elbow grease I'm in the mood for. :)

I'm impressed that you already feel the need to clean so thoroughly. Is this early nesting? :)

Housefairy said...

It is so clean and yummy smelling now! I am glad we did it.

Yes I am nesting,,,but it is sort of lame because it will all get dirty again in a matter of days. I just waited so long for spring this year (who didnt???) and feel like the staleness and grime has got to go NOW!

The Febreeze is not a scent I usually associate with kitchen floors or toilets so it is just very very nice in here, smells like laundry : )

Kelley said...

That makes perfect sense. I'm sure I'd feel the need to clean thoroughly, too, if I hadn't just moved and nothing is all that dirty yet. Hmmm, another perk of all that insanity.

I could certainly use a burst of freshness. The smoke from our neighbors' apartments keeps finding its way into our house, and it is driving me crazy. My mom actually got sick from it when she was here this weekend. We have a HEPA filter, but it doesn't seem able to keep up with it. Yuck!

Trish said...

Oh, Kelley, I feel for you! The apartment we lived in many years ago had that problem. The downstairs neighbors' smoke came up into our kitchen -- retch! We had maintainance working on it forever. Finally the downstairs neighbor moved and the new people didn't smoke.

I hope you figure out a solution soon.

Joy, Tommy emptied a WHOLE bottle of Febreeze in our family room over two days. He swears he sprayed it (because I would've sworn that he just dumped it!)- I asked if his hand was sore. He said it was. Anyway, when you sit on our disgustingly stained couch a blast of fresh Febreeze hits you like a bomb. I'm not so sure I love the smell of Febreeze anymore - lol!

Congrats on getting everything scrubbed and fresh :-)