Thursday, October 2, 2008

: )

Did I mention how much I love our dear little new house?

It is just right. Truly-- in the way the Mama Bears chair was too soft and Daddy Bears chair was too hard but Baby Bears chair was just right--- that is this house.

Sure we could use more bedrooms, sure we could use more bathrooms, sure the kitchen is minuscule...but I love it love it love it.

It is a cozy cabin to me. It is easy to clean. It gets warm about a minute after you turn the heater on, and cool the minute you turn the a/c on. It is sunny and sweet and I dont think I want to move for a long long time--very unlike me, not that I am a dissatisfied person but more than I am a wanderlust person.

I just love our dear little house. There are a million trees, a nice little winding path, golden wood floors, it is just absolutely perfect.


Rixa said...

Pictures please!

Sgt Howie said...

I like it a lot too and I'm totally jealous of your deck and back yard.

Kelley said...


I'm glad you found such a great place. I hope we can find something wonderful to go to after we leave this ghastly apartment.