Saturday, August 4, 2007

Late evening bliss

Kids all in pajamas, teeth brushed
I read the baby a story while they get their ice waters ready
Baby nursed and put to bed in his crib without a fuss
Daddy reads the older ones a bit from a chapter book while I start the laundry
We put them to bed together; kisses all 'round
Older kids read to themselves for 1/2 hour on the bell-timer
Casey goes right to sleep
Steve picks the CD: Iggy, MC5, Dylan, the Black Lips and more
We talk while doing 1/2 hour of power straightening and tidying
Laundry in the dryer
I lay out the next day's school work
I use the computer while he showers
He does the same while I shower
Meet up on the couch, 9:30 at the latest

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