Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two loads a day, weather permitting

Our dryer is broken, and the landlord couldn't seem to care less. So, I tell myself, at least it ain't the washer, right?

I like to hang clothes out to dry. I like the zen and the meaning and the conscious and purposeful work that is involved. I like that it is slow, and I like how much it makes us appreciate each piece and article that much more.

Except, it has been raining here alot, and if it isn't raining it has been humid and cloudy. Crappy for hanging out my zen clothes, for sure.

When it is warm and dry, though, I can wash and dry two loads--big loads--in one day. If we had more clothesline I could do much more.

One of these weeks we will scrape together the money for a new (used) dryer, and possibly take that amount out of the rent. Before it is cold out, etc.

For now, wish me sunny breezes and children who don't spill so much



Kelley said...

Actually, maybe I should set up a clothesline; I'd love to dry my clothes out in the sun. It's too bad we don't live closer. You'd be welcome to use my dryer.

sashanova said...

there is nothing better than climbing into a bed that has fresh sheets dried by the sun. mmm, it smells like heaven...