Tuesday, August 14, 2007

morning snack

As we tackle all the obstacles in the way of us having harmonious times this school year, I am analyzing just exactly what it means when our days feel like they have, for the most part, been whiney and bad.

Today's subject to tackle: mid morning snack.

Invariably, just as the breakfast mess is starting to congeal, I will hear a voice or two saying "Hey Mama!? Im sooooooooooo hungry."

I havent been too nice about this, but it isnt about then not being actually hungry, it is about my frustration with what in the heck to give them, especially if they have had a sugarish breakfast.

Here are some high protien, or at least not sugary things I have come up with, that they CLAIM they like:


String cheese (not Mickey)

Those cheese-n-peanut butter crackers

Pinconning cheese

Wheat thins

Cheez its


So, if they eat at 7:30 am which they did today (so much for Mickey sleeping in!! yikes!! its all falling part before it starts!!! breathe breathe its all ok) they cried and begged for more food at 9:45. So, a couple of hours. which now makes our 11 oclock lunch rediculously early AND Greta is still asleep, so is she going to waste away as she misses one of the three meals each day?


this seems hard today.

I know I could tell them no, or I could go get Greta up. But, feeling both extremely exhausted myself today, AND knowing all about needing to eat ASAP, I dont have the heart.

We need a more accessible kitchen, more snacks that they can get themselves, and all sorts of other solutions that I am too tired to think of right now.

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mamalove said...

I could've written that today. I just lost it on my children because they eat all my freaking cereal, all the time. If I told them they HAD to eat Special K, they would die, but since I LIKE it, they must consume it. I can't believe how much food two 9 and 11 year olds go through in a day.