Saturday, July 21, 2007

Calmoseptine gets an A+

You have to own this product if you have a baby. It is the ONLY cure for severe, wierd, sleep-stopping, life-stopping diaper rashes of all kinds.

I got it from the pharmacy at Rite Aid. You don't need a prescription, but you have to ask for Calmoseptine at the pharmacy window. It cost $6. Even if the baby has horrificly wounded skin, they instantly stop crying and the skin is totally protected from further pain of wiping and poop and pee...while it heals---really quickly! Like, in one diaper change. Unbelievable. I am giving this out to anyone who has a baby ever again.

I am certain there are good uses for this for adults as well. It is marketed for things like bedsores and wound sites and drainage tube sites.....yikes! (But shows you how big-time this stuff is. )
The ointment itself is pink and smells funny and minty and medicinal. It is sticky and THICK.


Trish said...

So Charlie's feeling better, then?

Ruthie not only still has her diaper rash, but she developed hives last night and her eyes puffed up horrifically! I even called the doctor. She's had a dose of Benadryl and will spend Monday at the doctor's office :-(

If her rash doesn't look better by tomorrow I'm definitely getting some Calmoseptine!

Housefairy said...

Poor little Ruthie!!! I wonder what happened to her!

I hope it can help her, it stopped Charlie's fussing immdiately and he is almost all better. He cried when I put it on, for a second or two, and I thought "Oh no! this is stinging him! How will I wipe it off, its so thick and strange!"

But he just didnt want me to touch him.

I hope it helps her!! Poor sweet baby :(