Monday, July 9, 2007

whats cookin

This week the theme is muffins and cupcakes. I bought 3 muffin tins for the kids' birthday party and now I want to go muffin-tin-crayzee.

We bought little Jiffy mixes as well as cake mix--(did you think I meant make, make? No, not quite that adventurous right now) and enjoy putting cool whip as well as jam and butter on them. Our friend went up to NW Michigan and brought us back some dried cherries, which I never buy for the high cost, so I am certainly going to be adding those into the muffins, as well as some chocolate chip-n-cherry cookies! Y U M

Wal-Mart is where I have been buying more and more of our groceries, it really is astoundng how much lower the prices are than any other grocer--we even got a big pack of frozen Salmon fillets for $3.95 which I am making tonight with stir-fried yellow and green zucchinis from the Farmer's Market and baked potatoes.

Steve makes us black beans now from dried ones, and seasons them up and stores them in big ziploc bags in the fridge and freezer. They are on the world's healthiest foods list, and we adore them.

I bought a large bag of frozen fruit from Sam's Club about 3 weeks ago, which I had been a bit stressed over seeing as it was $8, but lemme tell ya, this thing has alot of fruit in it! We have made so, so many smoothies with this fruit and the bag is STILL hugely full. I made a smoothie for my dear pregnant sister which was so health-packed, I bet the little baby grew a pound and 20 IQ points right then and there when she drank it!
Protein Powder
Frozen fruit
Flax Oil
Soy Milk
V-8 Splash


Trish said...

Hey, does WalMart always have the salmon so cheap? I just bought some "on sale" at Meijer for $6.99 a pound! Gotta check that out :-)

Housefairy said...

I guess so! I had ever noticed them having Salmon before, but it was very yummy. It was frozen, I don't know if that makes a difference. I thawed the individually wrapped packages in warm water, then shook on some random "steak seasoning" and popped them into a pan that was already hot with lemon butter. Turned out really good!