Monday, July 30, 2007

Introspective cravings

Food has vibrations, vibes, if you will. All things have vibrations. For some of you, this will be a Truth that rings obvious. For some of you, this will sound like hippie nonsense, or science misunderstood. But I don't care.

Take coffee, if you will. It has a very specific vibration, which cannot be replaced by a jumble of similar things. Coffee in the morning does something different to you than, say, a caffeine pill and a juice box.

This past week, I have been honing in on my cravings for foods of a very specific vibration; things such as brown rice with lentils and feta cheese. Roasted root vegetables with sour cream. Pumpkin soup. Tabbouleh and hummous by the pound. Lemon water. The kinds of things on here.

These foods symbolize comforting times of nesting, such as mid autumn, new babies, rebuilding, strengthening, growth and introverted introspective change and healing.

They are not things that we have in the house right now, nor are they classic July fare in anyway. I am under the strong belief that all these mothering blogs I have been fortunate enough to be swimming in and wading in now are shifting me back into this mode.

I am definately going to indulge, and I will keep you updated on how the ingestion of these specific foods affects me.


Trish said...

Cool. Will you post the recipe sites you find/use?

Housefairy said...

I just usually go to and go to "Peggy's Kitchen" link. there are really, really nice recipes on there.