Saturday, July 21, 2007


If you have ever ordered Little Caesars' $5 pizza, also known as Hot-N-Ready, I have a cool secret to share with you. We did it because we don't eat pepperoni, but you might want to try it just because I said so!

You do not just go in and pick up a pre-made pizza. you call them, and here is what you say:
"I would like to order a Hot-N-Ready pizza, but instead of pepperoni, I would like my one topping to be extra cheese, please."

You have to say it this way. If you just order a "Cheese pizza" you will not get the free extra cheese and you will instead get the cardboard and ketchup regular hot n ready you are already used to. But if you do the secret tech of ordering it exactly the way I have described, you will get a really decent pizza that is definately worth more than $5.

Try it!


Trish said...

I'm ashamed to admit how often we end up getting these $5 pizzas from L.C.!

We don't eat pepperoni either, so I just get the cheese pizzas that they have made up -- I never thought to ask for it with extra cheese as the one topping!! Since I usually get there when they don't have a cheese pizza made and I have to sit and wait while they make one anyway, calling ahead would make sense! I will definitely try this - thanks for the hint!

Have you ever checked into what they put in the sauce? I'm afraid that if I ask I might learn that there is pork juice in there or something! It tastes vaguely pepperoni-ish to me. Then again, putting meat in there would cost them more - it's probably loaded with MSG or something :-)

Anyway, I will do it your way because $5 is a great price for our filling lunch favorite - and with more cheese it'd be even better!

Housefairy said...

Dont feel ashamed at all! It would be difficult to take them all to the grocery store and buy something for 5 bucks (ok, $10.60) that is hot and feeds them all with leftovers! Food is food, you have to eat, and if Little Caesar wants to dirty up his kitchen for me, then hooray! Sometimes I try to be heathy-mom and say we have to drink juice instead of pop, or i make some little salad to go with, but compared to other pizza places, which seem to always end up being 26 dollars or something, I give Little Caesars a thumbs up!

It is so much better with the secret extra cheese!

I will not think about pork juice, hahaha so sick. I am sure there is MSG, but again, unless you dont eat doritos or ramen or really, anything processed, there is gonna be some MSG in there. Maybe?

Trish said...

I think there's probably not much MSG in there anyway. I am horribly allergic - I get blinding migraines from MSG. I've never had a reaction from Little Caesars now that I think about it!

Yes, sadly I haven't enjoyed Doritos or Ramen seasoning or flavored chips or those easy to fix flavored rice packages or any of those yummy things for a really long time!

I do love LC - just as you said, that $10.60 is enough to feed us all and have left-overs! I have to get a crazy bread, too, though because I like that even more than the pizza! :-)

Thanks again for the tip - I will be using it this Wednesday when my mom is over for lunch!